Managing your care to make sure you get the treatment you need
caregiver taking care of elderly man

We are experts in the field of healthcare and oncology. As such, we know the processes and the ins and outs of cancer care. We will utilize our expertise to help make your cancer treatment a lot easier. By coordinating the care you receive, you are sure to not miss an appointment, update, and treatment on your cancer care journey.

As experienced case managers, we will coordinate some or all aspects of your care, including:

  • Establishing medical care
  • Coordinating all appointments
  • Monitoring your cancer treatment to lend you the peace of mind of knowing you are receiving appropriate care
  • Assisting with transitions in care (residency, discharge planning, establishing and monitoring home services/in-patient facilities, end-of-life care)
  • Compiling all medical records including assistance with establishing on-line medical records

If you are interested in availing of services, set an appointment with us so that we can start discussing the goals and expectations you have for your care journey.