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The Future of Early Cancer Detection

Beacon Advocates - The Future of Early Cancer Detection

The Galleri test is being touted as the future of early cancer detection. Early detection is the most effective way to prevent and treat cancers in their earliest stages. The earlier the cancer is caught, the higher the probability of surviving a cancer diagnosis.

A U.S. biotech company, Grail, is working towards making that possibility a reality through its Galleri blood test. The Galleri test is a multi-cancer early-detection blood test designed to detect a shared cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancers. The test can detect a cancer signal shared by many cancers not typically screened for. If a cancer signal is detected, the results can predict the cancer’s location in the body. This can assist your healthcare provider in taking the appropriate next treatment steps.

Although this technology is new and pending FDA approval, it offers promising results and hopes for the future. The Galleri test should be used in addition to routine cancer screenings. In addition, Grail recommends that a healthcare provider interpret the test results in the context of medical history, including signs and symptoms. This type of testing is currently recommended for adults with an elevated risk of cancer, such as those 50 and up. It is not recommended for those who are pregnant, younger than 21 years old, or individuals undergoing active cancer treatment.

A healthcare provider can mail you a kit, making the process more convenient. It is also possible to schedule an appointment with an approved lab. Individuals who elect to have this test will have to pay for all or a portion out of pocket. Most medical insurance companies do not typically cover it at this time. If you want to explore this option, please consult with your cancer care team and physician.

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