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Lea Ann Biafora - Beacon Advocates

Meet Lea Ann Biafora

CEO & founder of beacon advocates

Lea Ann Biafora is a seasoned oncology nurse and accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience in delivering, developing, and evaluating patient-centered cancer care services. Her extensive background in both provider and payer settings has granted her deep insights into the complexities of cancer care delivery.

In 2012, she founded Beacon Advocates, a nurse-led concierge care management model, dedicated to bridging gaps in cancer care through patient advocacy and comprehensive support. Lea Ann’s involvement in various professional networks, including the American Cancer Society and National Oncology State Network, reflects her commitment to improving access and quality of cancer care. Her specialized team of oncology nurses not only ensures that patients receive exceptional care, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pain and worries are being addressed with open communication and better physician-patient relationships.

Lea Ann is passionate about creating innovative solutions to improve the cancer care experience for patients, caregivers, and employers. As the CEO/Founder of Beacon Advocates, she leads a team of professional cancer care ‘insider’ advisors who provide actionable care coordination and advocacy tech-enabled services that enhance clinical and financial outcomes in cancer care.

Her strengths include building, improving, and expanding healthcare programs through consultative services, negotiating, and securing managed care contracts, containing costs through utilization service enhancements, and improving clinical and regulatory outcomes through measurable activities. She has a proven track record of delivering value across multiple healthcare sectors, including cancer-related educational programs, clinical analytics, and external communication.

As a cancer care experience expert, Lea Ann leverages her domain expertise and credentials as an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), and a Certified Case Manager (CCM) to empower and support my customers and partners.

One In Every Five Cases Of Cancer Is Wrongly Classified

Together, we navigate your healthcare challenges, devise a strategic path forward, and create solutions that pave the way for the most promising outcomes.

1 in 4

1 in 4 people are diagnosed with cancer in a lifetime

1.9 mil


19 mil

19 million survivors at risk for recurrent cancer

The Beacon Advocates Difference

You’re more than a statistic, and your identity isn’t lost in your diagnosis. Let Beacon Advocates be the guiding light, easing your journey and bringing you peace of mind by lifting your burdens.

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About Beacon Advocates

Beacon, an innovative cancer care management company, offers guidance and advocacy services to support patients, caregivers, and businesses. With a team of experienced oncology nurses and social worker specialists since 2012, Beacon prioritizes the patient and caregivers, aiming to ease burdens and provide peace of mind. By focusing on the individual’s needs, Beacon ensures excellent care through a holistic approach, connecting clients to necessary resources.

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Cancer Advocacy for Patients, Families & Businesses

We specialize in providing comprehensive cancer advocacy services tailored to meet the needs of patients, families, and businesses. Our dedicated team of experienced oncology experts understand the intricate challenges posed by a cancer diagnosis. For patients and their families, we offer unwavering support throughout the entire journey, from navigating treatment options to providing emotional guidance. 

For businesses, we recognize the importance of a healthy workforce and offer corporate advocacy services that extend from promoting awareness to facilitating accommodations for employees undergoing cancer treatment. Our commitment remains resolute across all fronts – empowering individuals and organizations alike to face the complexities of cancer with confidence and care.

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How Can We Support You?

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