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Do I Need a Professional Cancer Advocate?

Beacon Advocates Blog Posts - Do I Need a Professional Cancer Advocate

Your answers to the following questions strongly indicate whether hiring a professional oncology advocate is right for you.

✅ ❌ Do you feel in control of navigating your healthcare?
✅ ❌ Do you fully understand your disease, treatment options, and plan of care?
✅ ❌ Do you feel informed and empowered that you are making the right decisions?
✅ ❌ Do you fully understand your insurance coverage?
✅ ❌ Are you balancing living with cancer well?
✅ ❌ Are you finding it easy to get appointments right away?
✅ ❌Do you feel heard?

If you answered NO❌ to any of these questions, Beacon Advocates can help. We help you achieve better-coordinated care, find clinical clarity, gain confidence, and manage life with cancer by identifying and addressing the whole person’s emotional, financial, and legal needs commonly associated with a cancer diagnosis.
Call us today at 855-490-8777 for more information!

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