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Expert Cancer Care Guidance & Advocacy Services

Cancer Advocates Shining A Light On Better Cancer Care

As independent Cancer Nurse Advocates we help individuals, families, and forward-thinking businesses regain control and confidence.

Shining A Light Towards a Better Cancer Care Experience

Our unique, experienced ‘insider’ view and approach address issues from every facet of the experience, bridging the gaps in cancer care delivery to help save time, money, and work by finding the quickest path to the results individuals need and want.

Are you a patient or caregiver?

Are you a business?

Gain Peace of Mind with Our
Trusted Oncology Specialists

Achieve Better Coordinated Care

As your quarterback, we break down communication barriers, connect you to needed care, and foster strong relationships with your oncology team, so you can navigate healthcare worry-free.

Find Clinical

We break down the clinical complexities of the disease and treatment options into manageable terms. In doing this, we hope to help you become more organized and prepared to make the best-informed decisions.

Gain Confidence
in Yourself

As your trusted advisors, we are by your side to make sure you receive the best cancer care. We will provide guidance and oversight throughout your cancer care journey.

Manage Life
with Cancer

We identify and address the whole person’s emotional, financial, and legal needs commonly associated with a cancer diagnosis to create peace of mind and reduce the feelings of isolation.

Lea Ann Biafora - Beacon Advocates

Meet Lea Ann Biafora

CEO & founder of beacon advocates

Lea Ann Biafora is a seasoned oncology nurse and accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience in delivering, developing, and evaluating patient-centered cancer care services.

In 2012, she founded Beacon Advocates to bridge gaps in cancer care through patient advocacy and comprehensive support. Her specialized team of oncology nurses not only ensures that patients receive exceptional care, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pain and worries are being addressed with open communication and better physician-patient relationships.

One In Every Five Cases Of Cancer Is Wrongly Classified

Together, we navigate your healthcare challenges, devise a strategic path forward, and create solutions that pave the way for the most promising outcomes.

1 in 4

1 in 4 people are diagnosed with cancer in a lifetime

1.9 mil

1.9 million are expected to be diagnosed in 2023

19 mil

19 million survivors at risk for recurrent cancer

Navigating Cancer Together
Every Step of the Way

Cancer is complex, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. As your trusted advisor, we will provide guidance and oversight throughout your cancer care journey.

  • Simplify cancer care navigation
  • Understand insurance benefits
  • Remove care barriers
  • Coordinate multi-physician and multi-care settings
  • Manage care transitions
  • Develop proactive care plans
  • Help to make informed treatment choices
  • Access key resources and support
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See How We've Helped Others

JohnNew Hampshire
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"When you have never had someone close have cancer, we felt in the dark and having to accept what his doctor’s recommended. After contacting Beacon Advocates and explained what I knew of the situation, I felt confident that we had made a step in the right direction."
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"I wholeheartedly recommend Beacon to help individuals and families to work through so many issues related to cancer — questions to ask, treatments, medical professionals, etc. They are highly qualified, experienced and have one’s best interest and outcomes in mind."
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"My time with Lee Ann of Beacon Advocates was one of the best gift certificates I have ever received in my entire life. I was diagnosed with very advanced cancer in November and Lee Ann's wisdom, guidance and compassion took the fear out of a very scary situation."
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"The team at Beacon Advocates have made my life easier through my cancer journey. They truly care and help me navigate all the tough challenges cancer patients face. They are a true light shining a step ahead as they know and understand the burdens of cancer from finding cutting edge medical treatments and trials to financial care."
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"I would recommend Beacon Nurse Advocates to anyone who is diagnosed with breast cancer. My nurse at Beacon has gone above and beyond to help me get through this emotional and physical recovery process."

The Beacon Advocates Difference

You’re more than a statistic, and your identity isn’t lost in your diagnosis. Let Beacon Advocates be the guiding light, easing your journey and bringing you peace of mind by lifting your burdens.

Cancer Care Resources

Explore resources and learn more about cancer care, health insights, and the latest updates in the realm of cancer to empower and inform you.

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