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Why Cancer Patients Need Advocates

Beacon Advocates Blog Posts - Why Cancer Patients Need Advocates

When we are asked about why cancer patients need advocates, one situation comes to mind:
Why Cancer Patients Need Advocates

A person in the doctor’s office, and they have just received a cancer diagnosis… the anxiety that goes along with that… confusion… overwhelm… trying to understand the different medical options… trying to deal with the specific medical vocabulary.

Wouldn’t you like to have someone at your side to help you navigate this particular maze?

What can a cancer advocate do for you as a patient?

We have already written about what a cancer advocate actually is.

Cancer advocacy, in general, is a wide field and involves such important tasks as

  • raising awareness
  • promoting preventive measures
  • promotion, and facilitation research
  • fundraising

One could even argue that when a loved one gets a cancer diagnosis, you turn into a sort of cancer advocate by taking care of them and supporting them as well as their interests.

However, what we are talking (or writing) about in this context is the professional scale of cancer advocacy.

If you have any legal issues, you usually turn to a lawyer/attorney. It is no coincidence that “advocate” is an expression that is still being used in the legal field. Just like¬†attorneys as legal advocates

  • act as intermediaries and
  • take care of your legal interests

we as professional cancer advocates

  • act as intermediaries with medical institutions and
  • take care of your interests and support you regarding your cancer care

Like attorneys, cancer advocates are qualified professionals in their fields: Our team consists of Registered Nurses (RN) for oncology as well as Social Workers (SW).

  • As such, we know the often very specific language that is involved in your cancer care and help you find the clarity you need to make informed decisions.
  • We know how to read and audit your cancer-related insurance bills.
  • We offer emotional and organizational support.
  • As experts in the field of cancer care coordination, we can be your intermediaries and strengthen your confidence.
  • Do you have cancer-related questions? We help you find the answers and do the research for you!

There are various reasons why cancer patients need advocates

In short, as your cancer advocates, we are in your corner and assist you with all aspects of your cancer care journey. We accompany you every step of that journey. After all, you need to focus on your well-being!

Are you wondering if hiring a cancer care advocate is the right step for you? Let’s find out together! Contact us, so we can discuss your situation and needs!

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