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What Is a Cancer Advocate – and Why Are they Important?

Beacon Advocates Blog Posts - What Is a Cancer Advocate – and Why Are they Important

You might have heard the word “advocate” used in the context of the legal field. But what is a cancer advocate? In this post, we would like to offer you an explanation for this question. After all: Cancer advocates, that’s what we are!
What Is a Cancer Advocate - and Why Are they Important?
Let’s start with the definition of “advocate.” According to Merriam-Webster, this refers to someone who

“pleads the cause of another”
– “defends or maintains a cause or proposal”
– “supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group”

What is a cancer advocate?

As far as the above goes, this is a really fitting description of what we as cancer advocates (or cancer care advocates) do:

If you are a cancer patient:

– It’s your cause we plead, defend, maintain.

– It’s you we support!

As a cancer patient, you need care and treatment! Our care management services focus on four main aspects to make your cancer care journey easier:

1. Achieving better-coordinated care

2. Finding clinical clarity

3. Inspiring confidence

4. Managing life with cancer (financially, emotionally, and legally)

What is the importance of a cancer advocate?

Cancer takes not only a physical but also an emotional toll. As a patient, you need to be able to focus on yourself and your personal cancer care journey.  You want to receive the best care possible, and you want answers to the many questions that may come up in the context of a cancer diagnosis. However, navigating the medical system and the financial and potentially legal implications can cost a lot of energy.

However, you don’t need to do it all alone! With our dedicated team of cancer care advocates, you have strong and knowledgeable partners in your corner. We are experienced professionals in the areas of oncology nursing and social work and will help you navigate the system. Understandably, you have questions. As far as we are concerned, you might want to start with these FAQs. Beyond that – contact us today, and let’s take it from there!

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