Who Pays for Beacon Advocates services?
  • Patients and/or Caregivers hire us directly.
  • Employers and/or Insurers sometimes pay for Beacon to provide you navigation and advocacy services on your behalf. It is important to note that we are separate from the Employer and/or Insurers and will have a separate agreement with Beacon to manage expectations.
  • Some oncology providers who need additional care coordination support may hire Beacon Advocates.
WHY a Beacon Advocate?

As beacons, our highly qualified team of experienced oncology nurse advocates and social workers are committed to guiding patients through the healthcare maze, and through our navigation and advocacy services, bring a sense of direction to an otherwise unchartered course.

  • A Beacon Advocate works for you, and is not beholden to an institution
  • Navigates the complexities of cancer care within the healthcare maze
  • Understands your insurance benefits
  • Overcome all access barriers to excellent care
  • Explores testing and/or treatment options
  • Researches clinical treatment and clinical trial options, if requested
  • Compares your planned treatment to evidence-based clinical guidelines such as those of NCCN (https://www.nccn.org)
  • Develops a list of questions to discuss with your medical team
  • Guides you throughout your cancer journey
  • Helps you manage living life with cancer: the emotional, financial and legal aspects
I already have an oncology nurse assigned by my doctor and/or my insurance company. How are you different?

Supported ‘Navigation’ has grown in prevalence over these past years, though NO insurance company or hospital/provider-based case manager or navigator provide you with a fully objective review and comprehensive services such as Beacon Advocates.

  • Institutional-based programs are focused on their own organizational needs.
  • Many of the non-profit agencies offer resources and education but offer little to no hands-on guidance.
  • Self-guided online resources provide patient-specific tools for understanding and living with the disease. However, it still lacks personalization.

With Beacon Advocates, YOU are our number one priority. With your trusted advisor by your side, you will be assured that you are receiving the best cancer care while also receiving our full support to help you manage all aspects of life with cancer.

What are the benefits of hiring Beacon?
  • We provide you with peace of mind that a medical expert is at your side representing you.
  • You are more likely to receive the most individualized treatment for your individual cancer.
  • We will solve problems.
  • You will have access to timely cancer care.
  • Reduced anxiety of not having to navigate a complicated healthcare system on your own.
  • You will understand your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • You will have greater confidence that you will make informed decisions regarding your cancer care.
  • You will be the most important person on the medical team.
HOW to choose a patient advocate:

Decide which areas of help you are looking for:

  • Insurance
  • Specific understanding of information about your cancer
  • Treatment questions
  • Disease management/organization of treatments
  • Need Emotional support
  • If you are not sure what kind of help you need, but you know an objective guide would be useful, call us and we will help bring clarity to your situation.

Check your advocate’s experience, qualifications and references:

  • Advocates guiding you through medical experiences should be qualified medical professionals
  • Ask for detailed information about an advocate’s experience
  • Ask for client references, and medical professional references

Use your intuition:

  • Is your potential advocate someone you feel is trustworthy?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your private medical information with this person?
  • Is your potential advocate compassionate, and above all, a good listener?
Will my nurse advocate be adversarial with my oncologist and the medical team?

Our advocates represent you and work constructively with your medical team(s). We take pride in our positive communication skills are there to achieve what everyone, including your medical team, wants: the best possible outcome for you. Doctors typically welcome our engagement because of our knowledge and our ability to patients beyond the time their busy offices can physically handle.

Additionally, many physicians appreciate our efforts in:

  • Organizing your medical records from various providers
  • Acting as a liaison between multiple providers
  • Addressing insurance issues that might impact your doctors’ work
  • Securing additional funding/resources for you
  • Organizing your life and assist with organizing medical bills
  • Providing support in between office visits
What geographic areas do you cover?
Beacon Advocates headquarters is in St. Petersburg, FL. However, we have certified oncology nurses and social workers available virtually throughout the United States.