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The Benefits of Cancer Support Groups and How to Find Them

Beacon Advocates Blog Posts - The Benefits of Cancer Support Groups and How to Find Them

Cancer support groups can bring considerable value to your cancer care journey. Even though joining one is likely not the first item on your list to take care of when you receive a cancer diagnosis, there are many good reasons to meet with fellow cancer patients. How can a cancer support group help you as […]

Cancer and COVID – What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know

You are currently on your cancer care journey as a patient, or you are taking care of a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer? Then you are probably paying specific attention to the ongoing news about the current COVID-19 pandemic and wonder what all this means for your particular situation. That’s why we […]

The Cancer Awareness Dates 2021/2022

Beacon Advocates Blog Posts - The Cancer Awareness Dates 2021_2022

Cancer awareness (in particular special cancer awareness dates) is something that many of us associate with the famous “Pink Ribbon”. The Pink Ribbon has come to represent breast cancer activism, with a particular focus on October, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why are these cancer awareness dates so important? Specific months or days of […]