Keeping you well informed about your care treatment
male caregiver and senior man smiling while using tablet computer

With the complexity of medical procedures and terminology, sometimes it is difficult to understand everything that is going on. With our expertise in oncology and patient care, we will share with you our knowledge so that you can understand everything about your care treatment. We educate you on things you should know about your condition, and we inform you of the options you have in addressing your illness. We research on the alternatives you have according to the kind of treatments you desire.

In our education and research we help:

  • Clarify confusing medical issues and terms
  • Assist you to better understand your diagnosis and treatment options/regimens
  • Help you understand your medications
  • Research your treatment and clinical trial options (national, and international, if requested)
  • Review your planned or current treatment regimen and compare it to available evidenced-based treatment regimens
  • Ensure that you are armed with clinical options to discuss with your medical team, and/or seek out other clinical providers that meet your needs/wants – including alternative/integrative therapies
  • Research insurance benefits and options to help you to anticipate any barriers

To know more about the other services we provide, visit our consulting services page.