Beacon Advocates helps to reduce pain and create peace of mind
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Who We Are

As an innovative and independent cancer care management company, we offer professional guidance and advocacy services designed to support patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.

Since 2012, our seasoned and certified oncology nurses and social worker specialists have helped families navigate through their cancer experience by providing guidance and advocacy services that place the patient back at the center of care. Our primary commitment, first and foremost, is to the patient and their caregivers.

Beacon provides the time and the attention it takes to listen and support clients at many interconnected levels focused to lessen patients’ burden and offer peace of mind. The success we have in the work we do comes from our holistic method of approaching cancer care. We look at every individual living with cancer as a person, not as a patient. This way, we learn what is important to our clients and eliminate any barriers to excellent care by connecting them to available resources.
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How We Are Different

Our professional capabilities make us different

  • Qualified oncology REGISTERED NURSES (RN) and SOCIAL WORKERS (SW)
  • A comprehensive cancer case review with research on clinical trials and new drugs to market
  • Tailored care coordination: navigation and advocacy services
  • Use of remote technology with COMMUNICATION options: telephone; text; video-chat; email
  • Review, audit, and resolution of cancer-related medical bill errors
  • Assist in managing all aspects of life with cancer
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 Why Choose Beacon

 “Cancer!” No diagnosis elicits as much fear or anxiety.

 Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, the stresses brought on by a cancer diagnosis are overwhelming, especially given the growing complexities in our health care and insurance systems, an explosion of scientific advancements, and often confusing treatment options. We recognize the tremendous emotional impact a serious medical diagnosis can have on patients and their families. It can be particularly difficult as a long-distance caregiver.

 As cancer care insiders, we understand.

 At Beacon, our highly qualified team of experienced oncology specialists is here to be your guide.

 We’ll help manage your healthcare challenges, develop a plan of action and implement the solution that delivers the best possible outcome.

How We’ve Helped Others

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Our MISSION is to improve the cancer care experience by eliminating barriers to excellent care through our professional navigation and advocacy services for people affected by cancer.



  • Patient-values first
  • Compassionate
  • Collaborative
  • Results-Oriented
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Our services are designed to reduce pain and create peace of mind

How We Help

Achieve Better Coordinated Care. As your quarterback, we break down any communication or access barriers by collaboratively helping to promote your strong relationship with your oncology medical team. You will no longer have to worry about navigating through the healthcare maze. Learn More

Find Clinical Clarity. We break down the clinical complexities of the disease and treatment options into manageable terms. In doing this, we help you become more organized and prepared to make the best-informed decisions. Learn More

Gain Confidence. As your trusted advisors, we are by your side to make sure you receive the best cancer care. We will provide guidance and oversight throughout your cancer care journey. As much or as little as you want. You decide. Learn More

Manage Life with Cancer. We identify and address the whole person’s emotional, financial, and legal needs commonly associated with a cancer diagnosis to create peace of mind and reduce the feelings of isolation. Learn More

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