Who We Are

Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates is a concierge cancer care company offering personalized care management solutions to patients and their caregivers. 

Our goal is to improve our clients' cancer care experience by delivering services tailored to meet the unique needs and wants of each individual to make sure they are always at the center of their cancer care. 

Below are some but not all the ways that Beacon RN cancer nurse advocates help our clients. 


  • Eliminate barriers to excellent care
  • Navigate the complexities of cancer care within the healthcare maze
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Understand insurance benefits and reduce access barriers
  • Understand disease and treatment options
  • Develop a list of questions to discuss with our clients' medical team
  • Compare planned treatments to scientific (evidence-based) clinical treatment guidelines
  • Research clinical treatment and clinical trials
  • Guide through changes in treatment regimens
  • Review and organize all medical records and bills
  • Coordinate all or parts of cancer care


We are successful because we look at the individual living with cancer holistically – as a person not as a patient – we learn what is important to our clients and eliminate any barriers to excellent care while connecting them to available resources. 

We focus on the specific disease and translate the science into manageable terms to help prepare our clients through their journey – providing questions for consideration to ensure you get the best patient care. 

Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocate's headquarters are in St. Petersburg, Florida, and provides personalized services throughout the state of Florida and Massachusetts. 

Beacon's nurse advocates work with you one-to-one, in person, at your home or at your doctors' offices during appointments. 

You decide on how best you would like to communicate with your nurse using the phone, e-mail, Skype/video, and/or family conference calls.

We want you or your family member to be the center of care. 

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

- Henry Ford