Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates clients are either the individuals living with a cancer diagnosis, or a family member or caregiver who lives near or far away.


  • Are you lost in the healthcare maze?
  • Do you feel heard?
  • Do you fully understand your cancer plan of care?
  • Are you confused on your care options: healthcare options (treatment, clinical trials and alternative/integrative), insurance/coverage issues, your employment rights surrounding living with cancer?
  • Are you at the center of your healthcare team?
  • Do you feel informed and empowered to take control of your cancer journey?

Family member/caregiver:

  • Do you live far away?
  • Do you lack the time and resources to fully understand your loved ones care?
  • Would you like peace of mind? So you can focus on what is really important: your loved one.

Services Offered

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, we offer services in the following focused areas:

  • Navigation

    We will provide navigation assistance through the healthcare maze including:

      • Locating and choosing physician specialists 
      • Understanding and selecting your treatment options
      • Understanding your alternative/integrative therapy options
      • Helping you to understand your insurance benefits and options
      • Helping you to locate resources and remove any barriers to your care, such as financial, language, cultural, communication, and transportation issues
      • Life-care planning
  • Education

    We will share with you our knowledge and ability to communicate complex information to:

      • Clarify confusing medical issues and terms
      • Assist you to better understand your diagnosis and treatment options/regimens
      • Help you understand your medications
  • Research

    We will:

      • Research your treatment and clinical trial options (national, and international, if requested)
      • Review your planned or current treatment regimen, and compare it to available evidenced-based treatment regimens
      • Ensure that you are armed with clinical options to discuss with your medical team, and/or seek out other clinical providers that meet your needs/wants – including alternative/integrative therapies
      • Research insurance benefits and options to help you to anticipate any barriers
  • Advocacy

    As your guide, sounding board, and supporter, we will:

      • Attend your doctor appointments
      • Help to draft questions for your medical team that empower you to make informed decisions
      • Assist you with communication barriers with your medical team and insurance company
  • Care Coordination

    As experienced case managers, we will coordinate some or all aspects of your care, including:

      • Establishing medical care
      • Coordinating all appointments
      • Monitoring your cancer treatment to lend you the peace of mind of knowing you are receiving appropriate care
      • Assisting with transitions in care (residency, discharge planning, establishing and monitoring home services/in-patient facilities, end-of-life care)
      • Compiling all medical records including assistance with establishing on-line medical records

Each engagement receives a "Case Summary" report that records details of our initial engagement, agreed upon goals with key objectives, all nurse advocate interventions (including information that was reviewed and provided to you), whether goals were met or unmet, and our recommendations for next steps.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow."

- Helen Keller