How We Help

  • Has your cancer diagnosis left you feeling fearful, worried, and unsure?
  • Do you need help making sense of the many available treatments and alternative approaches

We are ready to listen and to guide you through your critical decisions with knowledge, sensitivity, and compassion.

Beacon’s nurse advocates have long-standing medical, advocacy, and case management experience and knowledge in the field of oncology. Furthermore, Beacon represents and therefore answers only to YOU, and not a medical institution, or an insurance company. 

More importantly, we at Beacon are committed to you receiving the best treatment possible.

We do this by: navigating the cancer care system from an experienced perspective, eliminating barriers to care in the process; building strong relationships with doctors and insurance companies; using our excellent organization skills and knowledge of the disease process to ensure your treatment plan is cohesive and makes sense; and, by listening to you, and paying attention to the details that matter, making sure that your best interests, wants, and needs are met.

Your Personal Cancer Nurse Advocate Can Help:

  • Provide you (and your loved one) peace of mind that a medical expert is at your side to help you
    • Navigate the complexities of cancer care within the healthcare maze
    • Gain access to timely cancer care
    • Understand your insurance benefits
  • Make sure you receive the most individualized treatment for your individual cancer by
    • Researching clinical testing and/or treatment options including clinical trials available
    • Comparing your planned treatment to evidence-based clinical guidelines such as NCCN guidelines
  • Ensure you are the most important and listened-to person on your medical team by
    • Communicating clearly and helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment options
    • Providing crucial information that allows you to gain the confidence to make informed decisions regarding your cancer care
    • Helping you develop a list of questions to discuss with your medical team

"Within five years most informed consumers will be asking, 'So who's your Patient Advocate'?"

- Ken Schueler