How to Hire Beacon

Key to our success is our ability to listen, and to involve you (and your loved ones) at every stage of the process.

STEP ONE: Contact Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates

STEP TWO: Initial consultation over the phone or online (Free 15-30 minutes) to discuss your current situation including needs/wants and issues

STEP THREE:  Initial interview in-person, on the telephone or using Skype to: 

  • Obtain more detailed information
  • Review service options
  • Establish and prioritize goals and objectives

STEP FOUR: Sign Client-Advocate Consultation Agreement and HIPAA forms

STEP FIVE: Begin to take control of your journey, so you can chart a confident course to the best personalized cancer care possible

Call today. 855-490-8777 or email for additional services and rate information.

"How very little can be done under the spirit of fear."

- Florence Nightingale